Light up your ride for the shortest day of the year

Happy solstice everyone! Shortest day of the year, hurrah!

I’m such a summer girl. I really have trouble with this cold, dark, horrible season, but the one thing I do love about it is the chance to show off my bike lights. I scored some MonkeyLectrics off Trade Me earlier in the year and I’ve been loving them lately. I’m by far the most visible thing on the road. People riding with me tell me that EVERYONE is looking at my wheels, kids yell out to their friends, and I get a LOT of smiles. Which is how I like it.

If flashing rainbow wheels aren’t really your thing, at least make sure your ride is as lit up as it can be. As this guy says, “I’m a 61 year old white guy. I can’t sing, I can’t rap. I can’t dance. And, some people don’t think I can ride a bike. This is my most ambious video project to date. Enjoy.
I have commuted 8000 miles in the dark. I see both bicycles and pedestrians every morning that are not visable.”

P.S. You can email to buy MonkeyLectrics in NZ.
*Thanks to Atom for sending through the lights rap.


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