Boston’s Bike Czar talks transformation

Although Lisa linked to the Inhabitat post about this interview with Nicole Freedman, Boston’s Director of Bicycle Programs, I thought I’d embed the first half of the actual interview because it deserves a careful watch.

Just a few years back, Boston was declared one of the worst bike-riding cities in the U.S.  The city’s mayor wanted to change that.  So he started the city’s Bicycle Programs. In the last few years, Boston has increased its bike infrastructure from 180 meters of bike lanes to 10 miles (18 kilometers). They’ve also added 500 bike racks around the city and are working to implement a city-wide bikeshare program this summer.  I can’t help but note the question that all the other cities Boston Bike Czar consulted asked her first: “Where is your mayor on this issue?”

Indeed.  Where?


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