Thursday fun linkpile

It’s supposed to be Friday Fun, but what the heck. Who wants to wait?

Cycling boom in Seville creates surge in cycling-related businesses.  Surprise surprise, bike-friendly = good for the economy. And remember folks, it took Seville a mere five (5) years to go from a cycling-hostile city to one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the world.

Envious much? Welsh Government is introducing a Cycling Bill making it mandatory for local authorities to provide cycle routes.

Winner of the What Were They Thinking? Award.

Here’s one for Megan and her Legs of Steel:

Lost the image credit. Email if you know it.

(But my bike isn’t as quiet as a mouse. She rattles like anything at the slightest bump!)

Now this is proper bike parking! Ten bikes in the space of one car.

Image credit:

“Boston has been considered one of the worst cities in the world for biking, with no bike lanes to speak of and crazy drivers.” Replace ‘Boston’ with NZ’ and, hmm, sounds familiar. Well Boston is doing something ambitious about it, so as far as I’m concerned we can too!

Wellington City Council is voting on a draft Wellington 2040 City Strategy to be put out for consultation. We reckon future planning should include a LOT of cycling infrastructure so we’ll keep you posted on when they start taking feedback.

Happy Thursday everyone.


3 thoughts on “Thursday fun linkpile

  1. Gilbert Sanseau

    In the benefits: “It feels like flying”. Well, at least once, for me, on Oriental Parade it was more than a feeling 😦


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