There are two speed displays I ride past regularly. The first is on Evans Bay Parade by NIWA, and the second is on the downhill on Crawford Road into Kilbirnie. If I’m lucky with my timing and there’s no car zooming past behind me, the sensor will display my speed. I love this. Needless to say my highest speeds are whizzing down Crawford Road, when I think I’ve hit 38kph. I’m sure I could go faster, but I’m too much of a scaredycat.

Recently I tried a couple of sprints past the Evans Bay Parade sensor. The photographer (my other half) was trying to get to grips with my smartphone camera, and didn’t quite manage to catch me and my speed in the same frame.


My speed, although I am nowhere to be seen…….


Not my speed, sadly.



9 thoughts on “Speeding?

  1. Heh. You should check Evans Bay next time there’s a decent northerly. I’ve hit 36 with that tailwind and I didn’t even feel like I was going that fast!


  2. Brent C

    A teenager in Palmerston North got caught going 80kph down Summerhill Drive (by Massey). I’m not even sure how it was possible but he got a speeding ticket from the cop!


      1. I’ve done about 70kph myself, though I find that my eyes water too much for comfort at anything over about 55. This is going down the Ngauranga Gorge on the road (at 7am on a public holiday, there aren’t many cars around, so it’s pretty safe to use the road). Driving down it, I’ve seen cyclists doing at least 80 (as in, I was driving at 80, they were going faster). I wouldn’t go that fast myself, but it’s certainly doable.


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