JourneyPlanner contest! Lots of prizes!

The journey planner has presents for you.

Hey!  Have you been to Journey Planner lately?

You know it could become your bestest streetwise friend for all your cycle and walking adventures.  And, unlike your real bestest friend, Journey Planner is offering prizes just because you took the time to visit.  You see where it says, “Plan and Win”?  Yeah?  That’s where you go for the goodies.

Click on the tab and answer a simple question every week from now until the end of August.  Every tenth entry wins a prize! That’s crazy good odds, bike riders!  So get going to win! Prizes include guidebooks, lights, arm-warmers, mini tools, movie tickets and more!  It’s open to all Wellington region residents, so don’t be shy.

You want to learn more?  Yeah?  Go here.


10 thoughts on “JourneyPlanner contest! Lots of prizes!

  1. Simon Kennett

    Congratulations to Keely – one of this week’s winners (I know, we’re all winners, really, but Keely is a winner with couple of free movie passes on the way).

    This week’s questions are up and they should be of particular interest to those of us who continue to ride from A to B after dark, even with fairly average front lights.


  2. Simon Kennett

    The question for this week (and next) is – find us a fault. Anywhere where there is a missing path or street, or one street doesn’t seem correctly connected to the next.

    Finding these problems is now like finding a needle in a haystack for us, but you may well already know of a problem, or you might look in some corner of the city we’ve never visited.

    Tell us what we’ve got wrong, again and again – we can take it : )

    Best of luck.


  3. Simon Kennett

    Want to use the jounrey planner when you’re out and about? Now you can, with the new mobile apps available at

    Be one of the first 100 people to download the app and send us the words ‘Prize Draw’ via the Feedback function and you’ll go in the draw to win tickets to the NZ/Argentina game this weekend or one of six 32GB memory sticks.

    The mobile version of the Cycling & Walking Jounrey Planner is a simplified version of the PC version, but it still has route directions, an altitude graph, cost savings (c.f. driving) and extra maps.

    All lovingly designed by local firm, Able Technology.


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