My holy grail: A chainguard to fit a triple front crankset.

I’d say I’ve been combing our local bike shops and the internet on and off for over a year. My quest? To find a chainguard for my 27 speed bicycle. The dude at Penny Farthing told me it couldn’t be done. The internet message boards showed that others were out there looking. It seemed that this Hebie gadget was close. But not quite close enough. I wanted the real thing…….

I wanted to be able to cycle up hills and not get oil on my jeans!

So here it is……

It fits a triple front crankset with up to 48 teeth. 

I have no idea where the manufacturers are, but I found it available online from Rose Versand bike shop in Germany. Apparently you have to take off the bottom bracket….. but I wasn’t doing that myself.  I got the ever helpful Juan Carlos from Mamachari to fit it for me.

I’d say the look is more function than form, and I’d have liked to get a nice chrome or aluminium one to fit the overall retro look of my bike. But still, I’m not complaining, my year long global quest is over. I can now ride this bike in my normal clothes.


5 thoughts on “My holy grail: A chainguard to fit a triple front crankset.

  1. Su Yin

    Lucky you! I’m still looking for the elusive chain guard that will fit my my Shimano Alfine crankset. Who’d thunk that it’ll be so hard to find one for something that’s made for city commuting?

    It is fabled to look like this:


  2. Wiebke

    Yes, the Germans are the people to talk to. I had my chainguard broken when my bicycle was repaired in Wellington and I got my parents to send me one from germany for my 27 speed bicycle . “Hebie dolphin”, is the brand..
    My local bikeshop had some difficulties fitting it, probably the first time they did that. For my second old bike I had Juan Carlos from Mamachari repairing and painting my old broken Kettenschutz, he did a great job. As all the Germans, I never cycle in anything else than normal clothes


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