A ride with Revolve

Exercise makes me hungry. Maranui: yummy snacks but why NO bike rack?!

The following post was submitted by Anne, a newbie to Wellington and yet another bike rider joining us on the streets.  She was kind enough to chronicle her adventure with the women of Revolve to share with CiW readers.  Thanks Anne!

On a sunny, gorgeous autumn Saturday morning, this out-of-shape rock-climber tackled her first day of group cycling.

I’m new to Wellington. An Angeleno for nearly six years, I arrived here at the end of March, ready to make Wellington a new home. I usually keep in shape hiking and rock-climbing, but preparing for the move kept me home most days. And so it was that after a few stressful months of packing, selling, organizing, and all the other necessities preceding the big move, I found myself sluggish from the break.  I don’t think I would have felt so slow if I was still in my twenties. >sigh< Add-on another month of settling-in, and you get the picture of my exasperated flabbiness come that beautiful Saturday morning.

Thanks to the recommendation of the folks at CiW, I heard about Revolve’s weekly women’s cycling group. In an effort to jump-start my new fitness regimen, I decided I to join the ladies. (As luck would have it, my friend’s birthday the night before, and one too many wine glasses, did not make getting up any easier.)

0800 we met at “On Yer Bike,” on Vivian Street, and the lovely Ashleigh, a sprightly American who helps manage the group, greeted us all with a smile and an excited explanation of what our morning would entail. We would be riding to Lower Hutt (approx 17km), participating in a 45-55 minute Cross-fit session, and riding home afterward—arriving back around 11am. Hmm… three months of little to no exercise + 35km cycling +Cross-fit = ANXIETY!!!!

Alas, among the 10 fit and fabulous women in attendance, there was one other like myself who had never been on a group ride, and was a little apprehensive about riding in the streets and motorways. So I at least would have company in the back.

Huffing and puffing along, Ashleigh was a doll, keeping close to the other new woman and me most of the ride, effortlessly chatting it up while I struggled to respond without grunting and spitting. The group separated into two, with those more advanced clearly ahead, but we were able to easily regroup as little Ashleigh would zip up to the front to make a report, and zip back before we cold ever even notice she was gone.

Despite the effort, it was a welcoming challenge making the ride, and I felt great upon approaching the Cross-Fit gym. Have you ever tried this program? It runs in five-minute intervals of insane exercises, as you rack up as many reps as your muscles can bear before losing all rigidity, and you collapse into a melted blob on your workout mat. Great fun!

We survived the session, some better than others, and headed back, again in two teams. As promised, I was home about eleven, and feeling accomplished after three hours of intense exercise. By Monday, of course, I wasn’t really able to move, but what doesn’t kill you…, right?

The Revolve group meets every Saturday morning at 8am, and typically does not have Cross-Fit in the agenda. It’s a great group of women, all open and welcoming, and encouraging of those at all levels to join. Hopefully, I’ll see you there (look for me in the back of the pack!)



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