Be a good human… the road sign story.

Way back in April, some folks had the good fortune to see a DIY road sign placed at the nasty intersection between Newtown and Kilbirnie that advised drivers to “Be a Good Human; Let Traffic Through.”  Despite the pleasant message, the sign only lasted five days.

This short video documents the construction and placement of the sign.  I post it as inspiration to all of us who believe that positive messages actually help.  Which is to say, positive messages that remind people that people on the road, whether in cars, on bikes, scooters, whatever, can and should be considerate to each other.

I also post it in the hope that someone with just those sorts of kickass building skills might consider making a few signs that remind everyone to share the road with their friends traveling along on bikes.  Or, maybe, we can get going on those DIY cycle lanes.  (FYI- when cyclists painted a bikes-only lane on San Francisco’s Oak Street, it only cost them ten bucks.  You might not be surprised to learn that the city didn’t say thanks.)


2 thoughts on “Be a good human… the road sign story.

  1. atom

    it’s almost like wellington has its own neistat brothers!

    too bad those shirts are mostly about driving on the other side of the road, and/or not entirely legit under NZ’s dangerous/confusing FLAP laws – yes, other places explicitly allow a bicycle to use a full lane and require overtaking motor vehicles to use another lane or give 1-1.5m of clearance when passing. i’ve thought about making one that says “PASS SAFELY”.


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