Friday fun linkpile

Linen suit, cotton shirt, cravat, bicycle clips, Gillott single-speed, Carradice saddlebag

I’m lucky, I have a bicycle mentor. A friend of mine has been mad about bikes since he was a kid, and his grandfather, father and uncles were well into them too. Barry was the first person to discuss with me the idea that one can ride perfectly comfortably in a suit, that commuting by bike is often faster and invariably more fun than commuting by car, and the question of whether helmets help. He encouraged me to buy the kind of bike I wanted, and when I got it he came around and fixed it up and took me on my first ride in 15 years.

Barry is always (and I mean always) well dressed. Another friend of his has blogged about his (Barry’s) clothing/bike intersection and that reminded me of his potted history of panniers vs saddlebags (link fixed now). You can also scroll up on that last link to see his touring setup, which I found more fun than the average.

In other towns, New Plymouth is making use of that cycle funding it won last year, and David Haywood – and rather a lot of other people – think Christchurch has its best ever chance to get a top-of-the-range cycling infrastructure for cheap …and a commenter discovers something even better about bikes. As a special treat, here’s Mr Haywood discussing his post with Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon.

The comments thread on that blog post also threw up a bit of good news for Aucklanders that will likely have reverberations for the rest of New Zealand regarding the essential considerations for NZTAs road planning. We’ll be keeping an eye on that.

Happy Friday!

UPDATE: Late entry! Check out Antoine from Bike Friendly North Shore and Cycling in Auckland‘s bike graphic stickers, t-shirts, cups etc at CafePress! (Dude, next time tell us, k?)


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