Commuting off the beaten track

Jason Morgan has a nice Bikewise article on what he calls “Adventure Commuting” – taking an indirect but interesting route between home and work.

Jason’s favourite incorporates Brooklyn’s Highbury Fling into his commute. What’s your favourite adventure commute?


4 thoughts on “Commuting off the beaten track

  1. Simon Kennett

    Oooohh goody! A chance for me to show off the

    I’ll be riding home via Transient and then Highbury Fling tonight – this way:,+Te+Aro&v=f&x1=174.761323&y1=-41.299024&a1=&v1=t&x2=174.752483&y2=-41.295026&a2=&v2=t&x3=174.757241&y3=-41.283234&a3=Revolution+Bicycles&v3=f&mode=walking

    Jason recommends looking at Google Maps for green space, but Google seldom knows whether or not there is a track through that green space. This is where our Journey Planner comes into it’s own. Pick your start and finish locations, then click ‘Get Directions’. Next up, left-mouse-click on the highlighted route and drag it to the green space you like the look of (not too fast – there’s a lot going on in the planners brain and going too fast can confuse it). If there is a track, it should latch on, then take your finger off the mouse and let it calculate new directions and trip distance (and altitude graph, etc, etc).

    Have a play!


  2. Simon Kennett

    Thought I’d add a couple more off-road (read ‘car-less’) shortcuts that will be of use to anyone trying to avoid the Mt Vic Tunnel closure (with a decent headlight, of course):

    Kent Terrace to Hataitai Shops via the Hataitai to City Track (look for the new Hataitai Zig-zag to mellow out the gradient):,+Mt+Victoria&v=f&x1=174.788618&y1=-41.301926&a1=&v1=t&x2=174.794132&y2=-41.304279&a2=1+Moxham+Ave,+Hataitai&v2=f&mode=cycling

    Hospital to Hataitai Shops via the townbelt/velodrome/Ruahine foot bridge:,+Hataitai&v2=f&mode=walking


  3. Simon Kennett

    We’re lucky that Wellington City Council’s Parks & Gardens team are a broad-minded lot. A couple of years ago they started to support the idea of commuter links through parks. Probably the most radical manifestation of that is the opening up of Te Ahu Mairangi (formerly Tinakori HIll) to cyclists for commuting. It was formerly closed to bikes when the first MTB policy came out in 1994. This isn’t about recreation (there are no loop options open to bikes) – it’s just an entertaining option for energetic commuters going from Wadestown to the CBD. I doubt it gets much use (as it entails extra climbing effort) but it’s a mighty nice precedent.,+Te+Aro&v8=f&mode=cycling


  4. Andrew

    I had no idea about this track until I stumbled upon your post here Simon. Today I took a detour from my usual Ngaio – CBD ride and went via Wadestown and Tinakori Hill. You’re not wrong about the extra climbing effort! The road up to the start of the track is pretty steep.

    Thanks for that, awesome ride.


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