Where should WCC put the new sump gratings?

Beware the tire-hungry sump grate.

Wellington City Council are getting a shipment of the new style sump gratings (the ones with a wavy grid, rather than parallel bars that act as an instant bike stand). They’d like suggestions of where to put them. Simplest thing is to email cycling@wcc.govt.nz with the details of your (un)favourite grate location. I’d suggest telling them:

  • The nearest street intersection (e.g. Bunny/Featherston)
  • The distance from the interesection.
  • The street the grating is actually on
  • The side of the street (e.g. north)



New style sump grating, Willis/Vivian



5 thoughts on “Where should WCC put the new sump gratings?

  1. Megan

    This is great! I sent in my suggestions just now.

    From this moment on, I’ll stop waiting for a response to my earlier complaints about the sump grates between Balaena Bay and NIWA and start waiting to see if any of them are addressed.


    1. Alastair

      Unfortunately I gather there are still some gratings (for example the one set in a big hole on the west side of Evan’s Bay Parade, just south of Pt Jerningham) which require more than just a new grate. But it’s great that WCC are addressing the great grate problem!


  2. Keely

    Oh my goodness! I’m new to Welly and totally bailed at a sump grate the other day (I think it was on the corner of Ghuznee and Taranaki). Wow, those things are ridiculous! I’ll definitely send in about that one ; )


    1. Lisa

      Yeah there’s definitely something wrong when the road starts attacking you too!

      Hurrah for WCC taking it seriously though – it’s taken a while to get to this point but once they understood they really made the effort. Specially engineered grates!


  3. Just one point about sump grates – if you do find that you’re bothered by them, think about where you ride on the road. You’re safer to ride at least a metre out from the kerb and there aren’t many sump gratings that far out.


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