A bouquet for the driver

As cyclists we get a bit used to handing out mental brickbats to people driving cars, buses, trucks and what have you – although of course we see lots of little courtesies as well. But it’s nice to be able to publicly hand out a bouquet to this Go Wellington driver-in-training.

via our reader Atom. Thanks!


7 thoughts on “A bouquet for the driver

    1. Lisa

      I’m inclined to think it’s a pretty good idea. I mean, we the cyclists know how it is, but something like video can be a powerful tool to show decision-makers the exact nature of the problem. If I recall correctly, the Guardian recently featured a guy who’d taken to wearing front and rear cameras on his bike and who was able to use the footage to influence his local council. And I’m all for that! I just don’t think I could be bothered to do it myself so I’m glad someone else is.


  1. My colleague here in Chch did that for a while a few years back. His scary (but well done) handlebar-cam video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8RTXrMHt2A) was featured on the evening news, and he was interviewed on CloseUp… I would hope this would give people an idea of what cycling in Christchurch is like. For what it’s worth, he’s still alive and cycles to our (new, post earthquake) offices every day, as do almost all of us.


  2. Lisa

    I’ve been hearing that a bike is a very good way to get around in Christchurch these days. Hope you’re all doing OK down there.


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