Friday fun

How’s this for foresight and leadership? The EU is meeting to discuss how best to promote cargo cycling. Also at Copenhagenize. Envious yet? I am.

Sydney bike lanes linked to increased property values. This would be right. They’re talking about Bourke Street, a street I know well. It’s always been beautiful, with it’s grand Victorian terraces and 100 year old trees,  but it used to be flat out dangerous. It’s one of those residential Sydney streets that, like so many of them, was forced into becoming a major thoroughfare by virtue of its location and length, until each side was virtually disconnected from the other. A “Parisian style bike boulevard with gardens and street lamps” would definitely improve the feeling of that street and I’m very happy to see it done. Of course, this puts Surry Hills even further out of my financial reach…sigh…

Bourke Street, Sydney. Image credit:

An urban planner argues that cyclists shouldn’t have to stop at stop signs.

I’ve never been much of a fan of step-through bikes with splayed tubing (think 90s design), but here’s an elegant bike by Horse Cycles that’s made me rethink my ideas.

Stolen bike found using Twitter. Which reminds me to give a shout out to the excellent NZ Bike Registry. Register your bike(s), it’s free and you won’t regret it. The police can match your stolen bike with your details once they’ve found it, and you can even search to see if that bike you’re about to buy off Trade Me has been listed as stolen. Good, eh?

And finally, a short ode to really useful bikes, featuring one of my favourites, the Civia Loring. We have one of these in our stable – I say ‘our’ in order to bask in the reflected glory; it’s too small for me to ride so all I can do is look at it covetously while its owner swans around smugly on it.

UPDATE UPDATE: Get over to Bike Friendly North Shore and check out the Bicycle Samba! I’m so going to have that tune in my head next time I hop on my bike.

Ann Aitken Worth takes up cycling for transport in Rarotonga and finds the challenges a little different to Wellington.


One thought on “Friday fun

  1. atom

    “An urban planner argues that cyclists shouldn’t have to stop at stop signs.” – it’ll be a great day when NZ passes an “idaho stop” law.

    Benefits of the Idaho Stop law

    another place to register your bike, especially if it winds up overseas –
    check out their store while you’re there. i thought the decal kits were a joke, but they’re actually really well done, and likely a theft deterrent. i’ll probably order more stickers when i get more bikes.

    if there’s a dispute about who owns a bike, having it registered online is a prima facie form of ownership. even if you don’t register online, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE SERIAL NUMBER and other details (make, model, year, size, etc) recorded in a safe place. if your bike goes missing and you can’t provide this information to the police, chances are you’ll NEVER see it again. and if you do see it, you can’t prove that it’s yours. sometimes stolen bikes do get recovered, but almost always this is because the rightful owner was able to give police the serial number and other info!!!


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