Lunch?! How about a ride?

It’s short notice, I know, but if you’re itching for a little spin, consider making some noise on your lunch hour.  Hop on your ride and head to Wakefield Street to join up with folks from Cycle Aware as they deliver their submission to the Wellington City Council annual plan.  They’re meeting at 12:20 in front of WCC on Wakefield Street.  So get on yer bike, cruise to the spot and ring your bell with the fine folks of Cycle Aware.  (You may consider giving them a big shout out as well, since they’re actively advocating for a more rational cycling infrastructure to support all of us!)

Take some pics while you’re there and send them along if you like!  We’d love to see what you see.

If it was my birthday, I’d wish that it looked (and maybe sounded) something like this:

Next time, I promise, we’ll provide better notice.  Have fun and safe riding!


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