Lights for safety. Lights for fun.

As we continue the steady march into winter’s darker days, there is no question that riders remember the importance of lighting themselves up.  But how about thinking through the scare tactics before sounding the alarm?  Wellington City Council’s efforts to ensure we light up properly is appreciated.  But let’s also remember the lure of a little sugar.  The voucher is a nice bit of sweetness but how about if we start to temper the scare tactics used to enforce bike safety with the same love for fun that gets us on our bikes? How about if we also remind drivers to be on the lookout for the blink and flash of cyclists on dark roads?  How about if we love our lights because they turn our bikes into disco balls and night rides into electrical light parades?  We just need some musical accompaniment.  The Skullyboom speaker is said to rock a ride pretty well.

Okay then, your turn.  Show us your lights!  We want to see pics of your ride, and the rides of your riding buddies, lighting up the night sky (or street, if you prefer to be mundane).  Send them in and we’ll post ’em up so everyone can appreciate the light show.  Music not required, though, you know, it’s not discouraged either.



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