Pretty bags to go

Photo courtesy of Claire's Beautiful Bike Bags. This is the Budgie.

We’ve talked a bunch here about carrying stuff around with you as you ride.  Some folks prefer baskets; some like panniers. Personally, I’m a Wald basket girl myself. I can get pretty poetic about my basket but I think that’s reasonable.  It does my heavy-lifting for me while I do the heavy pedaling.  In the past, I’ve had collapsible Wald metal baskets that conveyed groceries, school books and, occasionally, my dog.

But what if you’re a pannier person?  Maybe you’ve had to lug them around with you after securing your bike to some parking sign in town?  Maybe you’ve felt that your panniers are not properly complementing your wardrobe choices?  If that’s you, then get ready for a tickle.

(Even if it isn’t you, it can be.  Everyone deserves to be stylish.)

Wellington’s own Claire, a rider and sustainable transport planner for GWRC, has started importing some sweet looking and very functional bike bags.  Check them out!  Not only do they attach securely to your rack or handlebars with hidden clips, they’ve got waterproof soles to withstand splash, come with raincovers and they ooze super chic.  You know you want one.

To order, email  Delivery in Wellington is free and by bike, so you know, that’s cool.


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