Friday Funday’s movie about cool. Make that, chic.

After all these posts about infrastructure and cars and blah blah bike lane/parking/bus rack dreaming, I feel like it’s time for a little step back.  Repeat with me: Bike riding is fun.  Bike riding feels good.  We look good when we ride bikes, especially when we’re all gussied up (whatever that means to you).  All the rest, though not irrelevant, sometimes needs a rest.

So here’s Mikael ColVille-Andersen.  He’s the guy behind both and the original Cycle Chic and he rides his bike too.

Yeah.  He’s a cool dude.


5 thoughts on “Friday Funday’s movie about cool. Make that, chic.

    1. Simon Kennett

      I detect just a little contrarianism there, though.

      “It’s not about bikes – it’s about liveable cities” would be more convincing, me thinks.

      Great clip.


  1. Nigel

    Ugh, cycling is so dangerous “down under” we need to wear little caps, while the rest of the world enjoys cycling as it should be – so cool.


  2. Megan

    Right? I sure prefer to have a choice in the matter. When I commuted in SF, I wore a helmet to work and usually stuck it in my basket to go home. The lid represented the difference between work time and my time, with the practical effect of making me feel a little more confident as I flew down a long, steep hill in pushy morning traffic. I never wore a helmet on weekends or on errand runs. Silly or not, it was my choice to make and I think my choice was sort of responsible.


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