Mt. Vic tunnel to close in the evenings

No more evening short cuts! Photo courtesy of NZTA.

Starting Monday, May 9th, the Mount Victoria tunnel will be closed to traffic from 8pm to 6am, Sunday through Thursday.  This includes bike and pedestrian traffic.

The Wellington Council notice says that the closure is necessary for various upgrades and earthquake strengthening.  No end date is provided although the work is projected to finish in early 2012, with a break for the big Rugby ballyhoo.

Although free public transport will be provided for pedestrians, cyclists will not be permitted to take advantage of it and are advised to take either the route around the Bays or through Newtown.  No more shortcut, my friends, if you’re traveling in the evenings.

Seems a shame that some accommodation can’t be made to allow riders and their bikes to hop on a bus for the short clip rather than sending them the long way ’round, especially at the start of winter.  Seems like a good opportunity to try out a few bikes on buses.  Racks or no.  It’s not rush hour, after all.  Seems like bike riders are sort of getting the shaft on this one.  Yeah.

I can’t help but think that a little helping hand extended to cyclists is better than adding more cars to the road.  What do you think?

More information about the Mount Victoria tunnel upgrades can be found at the NZTA project site.


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