Councillors Talk Bikes on Buses in Scoop

I can't wait to put my bike on a bus. Photo credit

As the Greater Wellington Regional Council prepares to discuss the bikes on buses issue in June, two Council members, Daran Ponter and Paul Bruce, have posted a great article in Scoop this morning to call for public opinion.  Read it here.

Not only do the Councillors remind us of the benefits of integrating bikes with public transit, they also look to Christchurch, which after a successful trial, has expanded the number of racks on its Metro routes.  The Councillors also share the projected cost of the racks– about $2000 per bus, not including future maintenance– as well as the net savings projected by NZTA at about $35 per day per rider who leaves her car at home.

It’s worthwhile to note that although price, as always, is a serious consideration, it isn’t the only source of opposition.  Word on the street is that some current and former bus drivers are voicing their dissent to making this change.  Likewise, the bus operators may have their say as well though it will likely follow the lead of our Regional Council.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts with the Council about the benefits you anticipate from adding bike racks to buses. There are more riders than there are bus drivers but we’ll have to speak out to make sure we’re heard.  You can comment on the Scoop article and/or send your comments using the Regional Council’s contact form.  When you’re done, let us know who you contacted and what you said.

Stay tuned for more information about public meetings to be scheduled in June.  We’ll be there and we hope our community of riders and up-and-comers will join us to let the Council know why bikes on buses is the right thing for Wellington.

And whether it was the Councillors or the Scoop staff who did it, I want to give a big shout out for providing a link to a pretty kickass rap about using bike racks.  Maybe bus drivers will be more supportive if they learn these dance moves?


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