Cheap Deal on Bike Tool Set

SUPER-B Bike Tool Set, credit
The just about all-in-one bike tool set. Photo courtesy of

I like a deal, don’t you?  If you don’t have your own tool set, maybe consider a little investment in this Super-B Bike Tool Set.  It comes with a ton of stuff to take apart your bike, clean it up and put it back together.  Plus, you can store it all in its own case.  That’s handy.  It’s nice to be able to poke around on your own bike and it’s just good sense to keep it well tuned.  The kit gets good reviews, so maybe check it out.

While you’re there, Torpedo 7 has a bunch of handy gadgets, gear, parts and apparel on sale to help keep you and your bike happy together.


2 thoughts on “Cheap Deal on Bike Tool Set

  1. atom

    that looks like a good kit for someone who’s really hands-on but doesn’t have their own tools, but there’s a lot of stuff in there that most cyclists would never need. for most cyclists, with most recent bikes, a set of hex keys (4, 5, 6mm), tire levers and a spare tube is more than enough for DIY repairs and adjustments. anything that can’t be fixed with that kind of minimal kit, most cyclists will take it to the shop.

    a know a lot of cyclists who aren’t confident repairing or replacing a flat tire, making a kit like that way too much.


  2. mantron

    I purchased this kit because it includes some bike specialty tools that I always wanted, but never had. In the past I had taken my bike in to a shop for simple tune ups and repairs because I didn’t have the proper tools. Now, for a small investment, I can have the satisfaction of doing it myself (or at least making a valiant effort).

    Most cycle repairs are not rocket science. You just need the right tools.


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