Built your own beast? Show us your bikes!

I’m hoping that everyone reading this is enjoying this fine grey holiday in whatever manner brings them their fill of peace, quiet, and contentment.  Me?  I’m about to head out for a drizzly ride if I can retrieve my (intact) Cool Breeze from the detritus of an old Raleigh my partner pulled apart this weekend.  Which brings me to my point: sometimes the greatest peace, quiet and contentment comes from not from chocolate gluttony or long, lazy lie-ins– both are absolutely worthy endeavors and certainly deserve mention in the annals of self-helpdom, I suppose– but from the pure pleasure of a good project.  In the spirit of Easter, how about a small resurrection?

The Raleigh... comeuppance is coming.

For the better part of the day, my partner dismantled an ailing and rust-asphyxiated Raleigh to see what he could see.  The rust remover at least let him see the original decals.  The frame and forks remain as straight and sturdy as ever.  The chrome bits were a bit beyond salvation but he’s placed a few orders for some cool replacements to let the Raleigh know that he sees past its pock marks. Besides, beauty is always subjective and comes from deep within.  In the case of a bike, it ultimately comes down to the ride– the comfort, the posture, the roll over the road– doesn’t it?  Okay, I can’t discount all of the aesthetics but I’m of the school that says perfection is vastly over-rated.  (It’s a self-serving school.)

Perfect or not, I’m looking forward to seeing the Raleigh out and about again.  That, to me, will bring the quest for peace, quiet and contentment through its full circle. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

In the meantime, did you see this recumbent tricycle beast, fabricated by a man in Te Anau?  That dude looks pleased, which is to say, peaceful and content.  As well he should.

So, what have you built?  Send us pics and the story of your creation.  We’ll share them and let the community see the beauty behind and in your beast.


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