Bus vs. Big Wheel: The race against public transit

So it isn’t exactly a bike taking on the bus, but big wheels have pedals and they get you there.  Watch to see if they get you there faster than a bus in New York City.

(Thanks to Atom for sending this one in!)  I could totally get behind a big wheel movement if only to enjoy the occasional spin-out.  Remember those?

Tell us your beating-public-transit story.  Here’s mine, briefly: yesterday, on my bike, not my dream big wheel, I turned onto Courtenay Place from Kent Terrace to get stuck behind three beastly buses spewing more noxious exhaust from their rears than… well, you know, that inappropriate friend we all have, grandpa, your seven-year old nephew.   Of course, the cars tangled themselves up in between the buses as each angled for position– the buses aimed for the next stop and the cars aimed to get around them.  I squeezed to the far right, ringing bell on fire, and passed everyone.  Yippee!  I left the cars and buses in my (clean, non-stinky) dust, rolled through a waning green light at Taranaki on my own and owned the street most of the way to Willis.

Happy holidays filled with happy riding!


3 thoughts on “Bus vs. Big Wheel: The race against public transit

  1. Tim

    Cycling to work from Kilbirnie into town in rush hour, if I leave Kilbirnie at the same time as a bus, I’ll get to the Basin first, almost every time.


    1. atom

      from kilbirnie/hatitai area, i’d often leave the house at the same time as my wife (at the time) and son. me on a bike and them walking to the bus stop across the street. without rushing i’d often see my son waving to me from the bus at courtenay place, and i’d wave back while passing the bus before taranaki st.

      there’s also been plenty of times we’d all met up in CBD and left together. i’d hop on my bike and they’d walk to the bus stop. i’d usually get home 5-20 minutes before them.

      one of my favorite things about cycling in the city: i never have to stand around waiting for a bus.

      walking to/from the bus stop is a non-trivial part of total trip time.


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