Bike Movies at the Paramount!

It’s a fine day, so consider a ride into town tonight or tomorrow to check out Bicycle Dreams, one of the many films of the World Cinema Showcase, on in Wellington through 30th April.

The documentary focuses on the cyclists, not their rides, and chronicles the 24th Race Across America, the longest bicycle race on the planet.  Riders cross over 3000 miles and climb over 110,000 feet on the trip from San Diego, California to Atlantic City, New Jersey in nine sleepless days.

Bicycle Dreams will screen on Tuesday, 19th April at 8:30 pm, Wednesday, 20th April at noon, and Monday, 25th April at 8:30 pm at the Paramount.  If you can make it to the show tonight, you’ll have a chance to meet New Zealand’s own Race Across America qualifier, Josh Kench.  Don’t miss it!

Be sure to check out other great films of the festival.  May I recommend Bill Cunningham New York?  I haven’t seen it but I love the subject.  This will be another bicycle-friendly film that follows New York Times style reporter, Bill Cunningham, as he pedals his way through the New York streets photographing the latest trends, for better or worse.  He’s a lovable man on a bike with an artist’s eye and a keen wit.  The next showing (and the last in Wellington) is on Saturday, 23rd April at 1:15 pm.


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