Shopping, anyone?

You can probably think of some excuse for getting yourself a present.  Didn’t your half-birthday just pass?  Or maybe it was the anniversary of a root canal several years ago?  Or, maybe it’s time to be selfless and thoughtful and pick something up for a friend. Throw in a gift for yourself for your kindness.  I dunno.  I’m just looking for an excuse to post a link to the CycleChic store in the UK.

Personally, I’m not much of a shopper. But I do like to look at well-designed and perfectly lovely doodads and knickknacks for the bike. And then I dream about them.  And Mondays, I find, are the best days for daydreams.

and the new.

Here’s the stuff my Mondaydream is made of:

The old...

We’ve recently been discussing various ways to carry your stuff.  If you prefer to tread among the fashion conscious, perhaps you might like to consider some of these pretty box bags by The Bicycle Muse.  Their retro design is based on the fabulously cool bags that used to accompany the Raleigh shoppers and Moulton bikes of the 60s and 70s.  The Bicycle Muse, sad to lose the aesthetic, grabbed the original design, improved its materials, waterproofed it and made it green.

I’m also caught by the tolerably cute innovation behind these little reflector pins.  Because high visibility stuff is good for these dark days, but it’s so much cooler when it’s shaped like a bird.


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