“F***in’ bikes everywhere”

The other night I was cruising via the Basin Reserve into town for the Michelle Shocked gig at Bodega. At the Adelaide Road end there was a 4 bike hold up getting through the gates into the Basin. A solitary pedestrian was trying to make his way through the gate, and as the last of the cyclists whizzed through I heard him mutter “f***in’ bikes everywhere.” And he was right. It seems like everyday i am seeing more and more Citizen Cyclists on our streets. I am waiting for our City Council to catch up with the infrastructure we need.


5 thoughts on ““F***in’ bikes everywhere”

  1. Jimmy

    If I could be picky, the gates into the Basin could really be improved. I’ve had numerous near misses with other cyclists and pedestrians using the cycle gates. I’ve also seen two cyclists collide in the gates.


  2. Some ideas on how to fix this problem:
    1. use a bell or call out
    2. slow down a notch
    3. ask the Council to pop down, have a look and make some changes. They tend to respond quicker if you report there’s a safety issue. Tel 499 4444 or info@wcc.govt.nz Ask for a reference number so you can check back for progress.
    The stencils are worn off so maybe repainting them is a good place to start.


  3. Brent C

    Has much changed for cycling in Wellington since CWB became mayor?

    I was expecting more of a push for cycle lanes and cycleways along Wellington Streets. I was looking forward to a cycleway along Taranaki Street, More Cycle parking and more cycle lanes around smaller villages around the city. Wellington lacks when it comes to cycling infrastructure. They are well below the rest of the country.

    So far I have seen very little. Just talk about the great harbour way and a half finished cycle path in Tawa.

    What on earth is going on up top?


    1. Malcolm

      Totally agree Brent. I thought the same thing, but I’ve seen nothing change since Celia became Mayor. Its really disappointing.


  4. Lesley

    Very disappointed by our new council. Voting for more roads (last week) seems like the most retrograde step one could imagine. Kent, Cambridge and Riddiford are begging to have a cycle lane added! Instead we’re going to get more and more motorways, flyovers etc.

    I didn’t vote for this.


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