How I carry my stuff.

There are many ways to cart your gear around by bike. Personally I reckon you can’t beat bags of shopping dangling from the handlebars for a low tech, low cost solution. If that isn’t your thing, then here are some of the other ways I’ve tried.

A basket on the handlebars seemed like a good place to start. I got this wicker Basil basket which attaches to the bars with 2 hooks, so it can easily come off and on. I like being able to see my stuff while I ride, but I find the basket on the bars makes my balance and steering feel unsteady.

These Basil panniers just don’t quite do it for me, somehow. I find them a bit bulky and heavy and the attachments are a bit difficult. They do mean that my shopping is hidden away, though, and on bigger shopping sprees I sometimes leave my shopping on the bike while it’s chained up.

I also have these Orteleib panniers. These clip on and off easily and are said to be waterproof. I cycled to a BBQ with  these panniers full of food and beer, and on a very steep uphill, the weight at the rear tipped me into an unplanned wheelie. Going home was easier after the food and beer  weight was more evenly distributed in me and my other half’s bellies, with a much more sensible centre of gravity.

This little saddlebag is perfect for a round the bays pedal: just enough space for a wallet, phone, sunscreen, lock and toolset, and nicely stashed out of the way.

While I didn’t take well to the basket on my upright bike, I’ve found that my Brompton basket works nicely. It’s a bit weird to begin with because the basket is fixed to the main frame rather than the bars. This means that the basket doesn’t turn when you’re steering which can be unnerving, but once you get used to it, it’s incredibly stable, and carries a surprising amount of gear.

But my absolute favourite are these Wald baskets. I had to order them from the USA, but gee, are they worth it. The baskets fix to your rear carrier, and can be folded flat when not being used. I’ve had people say that they make my bike look like a shopping trolley, but that’s fine by me; it’s either that or the shopping bags dangling from the handlebars…..











8 thoughts on “How I carry my stuff.

  1. Hillbilly MTB

    An impressive array of functional bicycle/basket/shopping pseudo fashion statement combo for just about any event, now you cant say that about cars!


  2. Megan

    Oooh, I love the Wald baskets. They carried all my books throughout grad school and on those days when I decided to ditch school, they folded nicely away until I did some shopping. Clipped up, I found they don’t rattle at all. If you ride around with them open and empty, they would make a bit of noise but once you chuck something in them, they’re quiet and stable.


  3. Love this array of storage options. I have been keen on some Basil style panniers but have not invested yet. I read your comments with interest. Perhaps there are some others out there that clip on and off more easily and still look nice and funky. I do like your silver Wald Baskets too but I like the idea of things being protected from the elements.

    Can you tell me what kind of helmet you have in the first picture? Is it nutcase? Which one? Love it!


  4. Lesley

    Yup, of all the luggage carting methods I’ve tried, the Wald baskets are the best. No rattle at all. I usually have one folded flat and the other open carrying my handbag, until I have more bags of shopping to cart about.


  5. Nice post, great pics.
    But please avoid dangling shopping bags on the handlebars, or overloading a bar-mounted basket, unless you love 4-hour waits at the ER. Anything heavy on the bars affects steering and increases your risk of crashing.
    Pedal on


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