A Waterfront Promenade for Welly?

Cruising the waterfront.

Sure!  Why not?  A waterfront promenade from the Beehive to Oriental Bay would be great.  Heck, I’d like one that wraps around all the Bays, so long as it’s also bike-friendly.  Thus, my favorite part of the article in today’s Dominion Post is the statement attributed to Council’s walking and cycling portfolio leader, Bryan Pepperell:  “…peak oil would force change on the council “one way or another” as more people turned to foot and pedal power.”

Glad to hear that he’s talking the talk.  For those just tuning in, Mr. Pepperell also took time to answer some concerns (more answers here) voiced by Lesley and shared on this blog.

And since I’m thinking of it, here’s the email to use to make bicycle-related enquiries or suggestions:  cycling@wcc.govt.nz.  (Head’s up, Mr. Pepperell: I’m writing in about the six storm water grates that run parallel to the kerb along the bike path that I counted between Balaena Bay (where I almost rolled into one) and NIWA (where I jumped onto the shared path).


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