Nice Day for a Ride

Today, I stopped for the redlight near the Wind Needle as I headed into town.  Imagine my delight when two other cyclists pulled up next to me as we waited.  After another moment, we were four.  And guess what?  Not a car coming from our direction.  (I suppose I should be grateful that a car opposite triggered the signal for us.)  We four cyclists waited at the line and hopped off when the light turned green.  One of us turned right and three of us carried on around the Bay.  I wanted to take a picture, but I’m just not that coordinated and I had an appointment.

Anyway, you can imagine it for yourself.  And while you’re at it, think of the day when a whole heap of us two- (or three-) wheelers lined up at an intersection is no longer such a surprising sight.  And when we don’t need a car to trigger the light.  It’s coming.

Enjoy the ride!


3 thoughts on “Nice Day for a Ride

  1. Lesley

    Everyday I cycle down Riddiford Street, and see exactly the same thing. Bikes and cyclists galore. It a wonderful sight. I wonder about the wisdom of the planners who developed a 6 lane motorway outside out hospital but no cycle lane.


  2. Malcolm

    I was waiting with six other cyclists at the Riddiford – Adelaide Road traffic lights this morning. Sadly we were slightly outnumbered by cars, but still. 7 cyclists at once! In Wellington!


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