Ngauranga-Petone offroad cycleway – Meeting 1:30 Tues!

From an email from Cr Bruce.

This Tuesday 29 March 2011 at 1.30pm, the Regional Transport Committee comprising the Mayors of the region, will be considering the Hutt Corridor Plan, centred around the Triangle study.

The “Upgrade of the off-road cycleway/walkway between Nguaranga and Petone” stands out as a project with widespread support across the region, and significant co-benefits to  all modes of transport. It is also urgent given the extremely poor unsafe alternative.

The construction of the off road cycle/walk pathway will be celebrated as a major step forward to bridging the gap in the Great Harbour Way – Te Aranui o Poneke.

There are no major blocks to moving to the investigation phase now.

Please consider attending this important meeting […] to request in public participation that the investigation phase brought forward to 2012/13 (from the 2011/12 financial year) and construction begin as soon as possible.

The RTC meeting is held on the 5th floor of GW building 142 Wakefield St.


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