Reader question

Here’s a question from a reader. Can you help him out?

I am from Christchurch and will be living and working in Wellington next month.   I’m ride my bike to work everyday and still want to do the same in Wellington.  I will be living out in Karori and my work is in Allen street.   I have used the Journey Planner but I was hoping if anyone could give me some insider tips about what streets to avoid to and from, i.e should I use the Karori tunnel as I know that is very narrow.
I will be doing a test run before I start work.   Any help would be great.

Many thanks


4 thoughts on “Reader question

  1. Janine

    I used to ride from Karori to work in the CBD. I never had much trouble with the tunnel – best approach is just wait for a gap in the traffic, or go in the middle of the car lane and speed through – the cars should just slow down for you. Just don’t try to go though with a bus!
    When you get into town, if you are coming down Bowen St past the beehive, I suggest you keep going though down Whitmore St and head onto the waterfront. A much nicer (and quicker?) ride than following the roads through to Allen st, just be careful of pedestrians.
    I am not sure if there is a more direct route through Kelburn, as I work at the Beehive end of town.
    The ride home is a long uphill slog, but if you are used to biking everyday it shouldn’t be a problem.


  2. Contact the Regional Council ( and they can match you with a Bike Buddy. Your Buddy can meet you and trial some routes. For free.
    You can choose from Glenmore St, Raroa Rd or Upland Rd.
    Agree is is important to ‘take the lane’ on any road too narrow to safely share.

    For off road routes take Wrights Hill, Fenceline track, Aro Valley if you prefer some dirt.
    Welcome to Wellington.


  3. jo

    I take the Karori tunnel. Its not too bad in the city bound direction – you’re going fast enough and can take up the lane. In peak hour you’ll probably be stopped inside the tunnel in traffic, so its not as hazardous as you imagine.

    I find it more difficult on the way back – its more uphill and often windy. Again, if the cars are stopped not so much a big deal – there isnt enough room to get through on the inside so just stop and wait with the cars. Its more problematic slightly later when the cars are moving faster.

    2nd the suggestion on the waterfront to get from Whitmore to Allen St. It is slower (due to pedestrians and other cyclists), but less intimidating than the faster option (Customhouse Quay et al).


  4. Tim

    Thanks all for the great advice, i’ll be contacting the Regional Council in due course and will try a few routes out and get the feel for the streets.


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