Encouraging Bike Commuters: The BikeWise Challenge continues?

I saw this article about iCycle on the Stuff site this morning and had some questions.  Namely, what is this?

I’d love to hear from anyone out there who knows a bit more about this idea.  It looks very similar to the BikeWise Challenge of February, in which folks log their bicycle commutes into an online system to earn points and persuade others to cycle with them.  Is it the same?  What I’d love to know is, are any Wellington organizations currently using the system?  And does $86 per head to encourage cycling seem steep to anyone else?

Seems worth a look but the only thing I find online about it is links to the old BikeWise Challenge of 2010.  I want to know more.  I’ll keep you posted on what I find or you tell me what I’m missing.



5 thoughts on “Encouraging Bike Commuters: The BikeWise Challenge continues?

  1. All I know is that the BikeWise Challenge efforts, while praiseworthy in intention, have had websites that are usability disasters. When I was admin for our company I was peppered with support questions from people who couldn’t figure out how it worked and noted the inconsistencies in the way data was displayed. I stopped logging this year because I just couldn’t be arsed.

    It strikes me too that if the system has outputs that result in real money (ie carbon credits) it’s not wise to run it on an honesty basis…


  2. Yeah, it’s pretty much the same system.
    I believe iCycle’s Thomas Stokell developed this while working at BikeWise’s previous funder, the Heath Sponsorship Council.
    Now he’s in UK selling it to councils and businesses. Good man.
    Persuading anyone to do anything for $86 is a bargain. Businesses spend a lot more than that to persuade people to switch brands, take up / give up smoking, ask their doctor for drug XYZ etc.
    I agree that the useability needs tweaking.


  3. Simon Kennett

    Here’s a youtube clip of Thomas explaining the iCycle thing:

    Analysing the results of these sorts of challenges should be done with extreme caution! But I reckon the BikeWise Challenge certainly does help stimulate interest in cycling.


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