Sunday at the movies

20 miles is approximately 32 kilometres. You can let the Council know if you want lower speed limits here.


4 thoughts on “Sunday at the movies

  1. 40 is the new 50

    You can’t beat round the bays, Wellington’s best road ride.
    WCC wants to lower traffic speeds around the northern end of Miramar Peninsula from 50 to 40 km/h.
    This would make this popular biking route safer and more pleasant – but not all Councillors are convinced, yet.
    Before 1 April, please take 2 minutes to give WCC your views. Visit
    and make an online submission. Or call your favourite Councillor (

    The plan doesn’t include the airport straight by Lyall Bay, so you can still bike your brains out there.

    WCC also wants your views on safer speeds in shopping streets in Seatoun, Strathmore and Miramar from 50 to 30. Also a good idea.


  2. Lisa

    They’re like speed humps but they don’t go all the way across the road. I think there’s one per lane. I’d imagine cars would have to take them quite carefully in order to avoid scraping them. There’s a gap between the cushion and the kerb wide enough for a bike to travel comfortably through.

    I don’t have any problems with them myself, but I’m not a fast rider so I don’t know whether there are any issues raised by speed.


  3. atom

    is there a clear cycle-lane around them? my concern would be the layout of the road or other factors pushing me to take the lane. i’d rather take a speed-bump then hug the curb or parked cars. but as long as there’s plenty of room for cyclists to go around them, then it sounds great.


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