Slowly we progress

Wellington Regional Council voted yesterday on new bikes on trains policy.
1. folding bikes allowed – and also on buses.
2. Contra peak flow allowed.
3. They’ll run bike-friendly Ganz units on some peak hour services.
4. They might improve secure bike parking at stations.
5. They will investigate bike racks on buses.


4 thoughts on “Slowly we progress

  1. Megan

    Sounds like forward movement, although it’s ridiculous to require folks to invest in folding bikes when it’s likely that they probably have a decent bike in the shed awaiting a nice dust off and wipe down. In any case, a wall comes down brick by brick. Once the first hole is made, it’s just a matter of time.

    And the investigation of bike racks on buses? Another good start.


  2. atom

    my notes-

    go-wellington and valley flyer confirmed for folding bikes. mana still not confirmed but it’s expected.

    reminder: secure parking at rail stations must not only be secure against theft, but also vandalism. especially overnight parking (eg, if someone wants to meet their bike after taking a train).

    there’s a $5K cap on folding bike vouchers, so that’s 100 vouchers at $50 each.

    there should be a win for peak-flow travel with bikes on parts of the line that are not at full capacity. eg from upper hutt to lower hutt in the morning. even if that’s not official, most of the train staff are friendly and reasonable. in the meantime it seems that the council will “study” this.

    thanks everyone who showed up!


  3. Hello –

    Beca with the funding provided by the NZTA recently completed research on the economics and demands of the Bike on Bus programme around New Zealand. You can find the report here:

    However, with the attention that the report has had around the country – I believe it is critical to understand that the benefits of the Bike on Bus system do not simply come about with putting the racks on the buses. It really takes a whole system approach.

    You can find a recent presentation that I delivered here on my LinkedIn page.

    (hope all these URL’s work)

    Thanks and all the best –


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