Helping Christchurch, bike-rider style

This is a Civia Loring (in captivity). They’re available from Velo Ideale. Velo Ideale is a small Christchurch-based supplier of excellent transport and cargo bikes, components, accessories and the like.

Bike brands include Pashley, Linus, Surly, Moulton and others. Components include NuVinci continuously variable planetary hubs, quill stem adaptors and moustache handlebars, elegant brake levers and much more. Accessories – well there’s quite a few, click on the side menu to see them all.

Velo Ideale have come through the quake relatively intact, but like all Christchurch businesses they’ll need our help to keep going through the tough times coming up.  As David said here, they can send a whole bike to you here in Wellington via a mechanic.

The other great thing they offer is special deals for local bike shops. I reckon most readers here would love to see more great transport bikes available in Wellington, so next time you’re in your LBS let them know that David can help them out.

I’m pretty certain that if Penny Farthing can sell roughly one single-speed Giant Via W per week there’s room in the Wellington market for great transport bikes with decent gear ranges. Don’t you reckon?


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