Bikes on trains – today @9:30am

Last minute reminder that the GWRC Economic Wellbeing Committee is meeting at 9:30 this morning to consider the matter of bikes on trains. There is an opportunity to speak to the Committee for up to 3 minutes, but even if you have nothing to say come on down. Atom’s suggestion of turning up carrying a helmet or otherwise looking like a cyclist is a great one – let the Council know we’re listening!

Council Chamber, The Regional Council Centre,
142 Wakefield Street, Wellington,
Thursday, 17 March 2011 at 9.30am


One thought on “Bikes on trains – today @9:30am

  1. Wellington Regional Council voted today on new bikes on trains policy.
    1. folding bikes allowed – and also on buses.
    2. Contra peak flow allowed.
    3. They’ll run bike-friendly Ganz units on some peak hour services.
    4. They might improve secure bike parking at stations.
    5. They will investigate bike racks on buses.


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