Wellington City Council’s response: the future

This is the second part of the Council’s response to Lesley’s post.

Upcoming work:

Later this year Council will consider the next stage of the cities bus priority network; this could see the introduction of shared bus/cycle lanes on Kent and Cambridge Terraces, Taranaki Street and southbound on Adelaide Road.

Officers are working closely with NZTA to secure good cycling provision though the Basin Reserve and tunnel duplication projects.

Officers have developed a series of improvements to traffic signals on routes into and out of the city, these improvements include advanced cycle stop boxes and where possible feeder lanes to these stop boxes. We will roll these out route by route or take advantage of other works at an intersection.

We have developed a storm water sump detail that is friendlier to cyclists as the grates are not parallel with the kerb; these will be installed on a case by case basis, and we have a list of sumps to progressively work through but would like cyclists to report particularly bad cases.

In coming months an improvement will be made to the exit to Spotlight, to reduce the number of crashes involving cyclists. This work has cost approximately $250,000.

As winter approaches and daylight savings ends we will be out again working with the NZ Police to remind cyclists about the importance of being seen at night.

We will continue to fund cycle training and support campaigns that highlight the needs of all road users.

There is very limited funding for the installation of new cycle stands and often limited space to install stands on footpaths, however we do consider all requests on a case by case basis. The project currently underway to upgrade lower Cuba Street will see the introduction of a number of new cycle stands.

To report a fault, request cleaning or maintenance contact Council on 499 4444 or email info@wcc.govt.nz for general cycling enquiries or suggestions email cycling@wcc.govt.nz

Launch of the Great Harbour Way, a project the Council is keen to see developed

2 thoughts on “Wellington City Council’s response: the future

  1. I agree that WCC has achieved a lot recently, but expectations are rising even faster.

    The general perception is that confident riders can get around ok, but we are still a long way from creating a welcoming street environment for less confident riders.

    I think Lesley’s observations speak for many.

    With rising fuel prices I expect more people to start pedalling, and I am concerned that their relative lack of experience will create problems.

    We need to let our councilors know that we are encouraged by what the Council is doing, but that we expect a lot more. Make a noise!


  2. Lisa

    I really do agree about expectations rising. And the more I learn about the cost/benefit ratio of cycling infrastructure, the more achievable Council investment seems – even in times of tight budgets and limited expenditure capabilities.

    I do hope that any issues arising out of the expected increase in cyclists are viewed by the region’s Councils as the infrastructure not working for people rather than people causing problems for the infrastructure. Infrastructure is supposed to work for us, not the other way around!


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