New Urban Bikeway Design Guide

NACTO, the (US) National Association of City Transportation Officials, have just released their Urban Bikeway Design Guide to “…provide cities with state-of-the-practice solutions that can help create complete streets that are safe and enjoyable for bicyclists.

The guide addresses bike lanes, (separated) cycle tracks, intersections, signals, and signs and markings. The NACTO site explains:

The intent of the Guide is to offer substantive guidance for cities seeking to improve bicycle transportation in places where competing demands for the use of the right of way present unique challenges.  [Emphasis added]. Each of the treatments addressed in the Guide offers three levels of guidance:

  • Required: elements for which there is a strong consensus that the treatment cannot be implemented without.
  • Recommended: elements for which there is a strong consensus of added value.
  • Optional: elements that vary across cities and may add value depending on the situation.

In all cases, we encourage engineering judgment to ensure that the application makes sense for the context of each treatment, given the many complexities of urban streets.

This is something I’d like to see incorporated into the work practices of the city councils in our region.

via Cyclelicious

5 thoughts on “New Urban Bikeway Design Guide

  1. Lisa

    Positive leadership always translates well 🙂 We’re not at the stage of being leaders in this field so it’s great to hear of developments such as this design guide.

    New Zealand historically has taken the attitude that things done overseas are better than things done here. We’re getting over it, but it has the beneficial effect of making us open to ideas from other places.


  2. A lot of the impetus for the new guide from NACTO is to counter the “Not Invented Here” attitude that prevails among many in the civil engineering profession. Many of us are strongly suspicious of anything that’s even vaguely Continental.


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