Bikes on public transport

From a comment by Councillor Bruce on Why Buses Should Have Bike Racks

Greater Wellington Economic Wellbeing Committee meeting on 17th March at 9.30am will consider a new policy on cycle carriage on trains. The Report to the Committee is not completed yet. It appears that non folding cycles will not be able to use the new Matangi trains on peak hour services, but they will still be allowed on Ganz Mavag units (no change from now). A proposal will be included for a $50 voucher for those who choose to buy a folding bike as an alternative.

I have not been successful in getting any recommendations in the report for the installation of racks on buses, or allowing carriage of cycles within buses (off peak).

Public participation (3 minutes) is available at the commencement of the meeting. Please consider representing yourself or your group.



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