Hot (local) bodies

My word, Myrtle! Who would have thought? LA, the city synonymous with freeways and total car dominance, has approved a Bicycle Master Plan shifting the transport emphasis from cars to bicycles. How can we get this here, I hear you ask? Well, the same way as always, it seems. Let the Council know what you want. The LA Times article has this paragraph:

When city planners held meetings seeking public input about which routes to retrofit for bicycling, hundreds of cyclists showed up. Michelle Mowery, the senior bicycle coordinator at the Department of Transportation, said she remembers in the mid-1990s when few attended meetings.

We have an opportunity right now to let WCC know (part of) what we want. There are three consultations open at present which propose lower speed limits for Oriental Bay, the northern part of Miramar Peninsula, and the Miramar, Seatoun, and Strathmore Park shopping areas.

Edit: There’s also an e-Petition to have the Council’s 2008 Walking and Cycling Policy applied to all WCC roading projects at the planning stages. This petition came out of the discovery that the policy hadn’t been applied to the Golden Mile Plan, a plan, may I say, that would seem to fairly demand such application. (I mean, really…)

So click along and let the Council know you support these proposals. Because they make it safer for you on your bike.


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