City Bike Routes

Over the last month or so, I’ve been struggling to figure out the best way to ride around town without relying on the waterfront. Like, you know, sometimes I like to actually bike INTO town and cruise the streets.  Crazy thought.  Even more insane is the notion that I do it on the street and not on the footpath.  As far as I can tell, there’s really no way to ride from Willis Street to, let’s say, Taranaki and Cable Street without hopping on the footpath or riding against traffic for a second unless I go well out of my way, which is cool, just a little weird and inconvenient.  Even the Journey Planner seems to want me off the street for at least a few meters.

I’m going to figure it out, and I’m going to commit to staying on the street, darn it.  In the meantime, I always welcome suggestions and words of encouragement and in that vein, I’d like to send a shout out to everyone to sign the e-petition demanding that the Wellington City Council incorporate the 2008 Walking & Cycling Policy to all road projects at the planning phase.  I just signed it and noticed that there are only 10 signatures so far.  I think we’re going to need more than that.

By the way, doesn’t the Mayor ride?  Does she have to cruise the footpath too?  Didn’t we chat about DIY options a while back?

While we’re on the topic, check out this insane city ride.  At least the bike path is clear.


9 thoughts on “City Bike Routes

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks this. I live in Hataitai and work on Willis St, and the options for traversing the CBD legally are basically impractical detours or suicidal lane changes,


  2. Lisa

    Willis Street is particularly awful – too many lane changes for me to want to ride it in rush hour. I’m fortunate that I live in Hataitai and work at the Parliament end of the city so the waterfront is by far the most convenient route for me, but every time I have to go into the city I really have to think about how I’m going to get from A to B. Shouldn’t it be easier than this?


  3. Malcolm

    I think what the council needs to do is put a two way seperated cycleway through the CBD, not on the waterfront, but for commuter cyclists who want to get through the CBD quickly without battling the pedestrians on the waterfront or cars on the road. I think it could be relatively easy to do simply by removing parking from one side of … say Featherston St, Willis St, Wakefield St, etc
    Something like this for example


  4. atom

    cycling [legally] through CBD is just plain broken. i tend to think of it as kerry’s going away present to all of us. thanks kerry! that’s what, $10M down the drain? and how many pedestrian injuries?

    maybe after the rugby tourists go back home we’ll see some action from celia. but now is time to make it clear to her and her council-critters that what we currently have is a disaster. i can sympathize with city planning that discourages driving, but there’s no excuse for discouraging walking and cycling, which is what they’ve done.

    the “BUS ONLY” sections of the golden mile are especially irritating… especially off-peak and after midnight when there are few, if any, buses!


  5. atom

    @Malcolm – great shot! imagine that… public roads used for transportation, rather than vehicle storage! wait a minute… those are parked cars next to the bike lane, which makes it inevitable that cyclists will get doored. that arrangement really requires an enforceable, and non-trivial, fine (or criminal conviction?) for anyone opening a door in front of a cyclist. it also needs a public-awareness campaign for drivers.


    1. Malcolm

      This photo is from somewhere in America, so the cyclists closest to the parked cars will be riding towards them (cycling on the right hand side of the cycleway), so would be far more visible to people in the car about to open the door, so the risk of being doored here is actually quite low. This problem can also be averted by having concrete barriers between the cycleway and parked cars (not in this picture obviously).


  6. Lesley

    With the recent council elections Bryan Pepperell has taken the new portfolio of walking, cycling, motorcycling. I have written to him at his WCC email ( with my concerns. I suggest we all keep up the pressure.


  7. Megan

    Lesley: thanks for the contact info for Bryan Pepperell. I hope folks will share their thoughts with him. Malcolm: that bike lane is super. I’d love to see a segregated bike lane through the city. Is it the case that bikes are not permitted on the bus only routes? I haven’t dared to ride on any of them (except on Courtenay Place) fearing that I’ll become yet another statistic. I think we need a critical mass in Wellington. Just a thought.


  8. Lisa

    Bikes can go in bus lanes except for Bus Only lanes. It gets confusing and if I don’t know for certain that a lane is a general bus lane then I tend to not bother with it. For example, in the new Manners Street bus area, one way is completely Bus Only, the other is Bus Only within certain hours. So you have to find out – and then remember – which way is always closed to bikes and then which hours you can bike in the other direction. That one went straight in the too hard basket.


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