Colder, Darker Fun

They're year-round rides.

We flip over the calendar page this week, out of Bike Wise Month and into March.  I’d like to believe that the sun’s spotlight will continue to shine on cycling just as much as it will keep Wellington warm into the fall. I can be a stubborn believer, so I’ll be pretty liberal as I identify proof of summer’s persistence and the increasing presence of bike riders all over Wellington.

Still, maybe words of encouragement are appropriate.  I was recently surprised to learn that subarctic Minneapolis was named America’s #1 bike city.  An interesting article in Bicycling searches for ONE, BIG REASON for its new status, but ultimately reveals that the home of hardy but friendly Nordic settlers benefits from what might only be called cycle pluck.  As I read about the city’s myriad cycling events, gatherings, shops, infrastructure, conveniences and overall enthusiasm, I wondered whether weekly pep rallies might not be required of any city aiming to compete with its vibrant scene.  And then I thought, hey, weekly pep rallies on bikes could be pretty fun.  Anyone with me?

If this guy can do it... (Photo by NZPA.)

Anyhoo, if you’re considering hanging your own bike up as the weather cools, consider Minneapolis, where approximately 4000 people continue to ride on studded tires throughout the frigid winters. Wellington may get a little wind, but I don’t think we face any risk of needing to wait out a frozen freewheel in blizzard conditions.

Thank goodness for that.

Happy riding!


2 thoughts on “Colder, Darker Fun

  1. Lesley

    I agree. In fact I prefer the cooler weather. I am of pale, Celtic, Northern European genetics and in the height of summer I get too hot and sweaty under my helmet.

    With sensible tyres I find riding in the rain great fun. I have a groovy red rain poncho to keep the worst of the wet off.


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