City Library? Cruise on down.

Despite my unconventional approach route to the Civic Centre, the City Library has become one of my favourite bicycle destinations in town. I love being able to cruise straight to the door for parking, and then having all the time in the world to mooch about the shelves. No rapidly expiring parking ticket, or traipse to the bus stop to spoil my fun.

The bike racks are well placed for lots of stuff and there’s pretty much always a free stand. I wish there were more undercover bike parking around, though. There are a few spaces outside the Police Station that are semi-covered.

Is anyone else flummoxed by the genius planning that put this undercover bike parking at the Michael Fowler Centre, but made sure it was accessible only by the stairs on the right of the picture?

The excellent CAN website has a great page for collating suggestions for bike parking to the Wellington City Council. (There is a sister page for reporting cycling black spots too.) My experience says that the whole of the Waterfront is lacking bicycle parking facilities.

But my favourite part of biking to the City Library; afterhours returns when I can ride right up to the drop box without dismounting.


2 thoughts on “City Library? Cruise on down.

  1. dingding

    Does anyone know if there is an online map somewhere of all known/safe bike parks in Welly? I imagine quite a few of us would find this handy. Am happy to start one up, if nothing exists yet 🙂


  2. Lisa

    The Journey Planner has WCC bike parking icons but they’re difficult to see. You have to plug in a route and then zoom in fairly close before they show up.

    It tends towards ‘well there may be parking where you’re going, if you’re lucky’ rather than ‘you can plan your journey around where the parking is’.


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