Basil and Brooks now at Mamachari

I dropped in to Mamachari recently and I noticed they’re stocking Basil panniers and Brooks saddles. I have items from both these brands and I find them very good.

Image credit: mikespokes

The Basil range runs from classically handsome to girlishly frilly, and the capacities are usefully large. I have noticed that I can’t put too much weight in mine – they’re starting to give in one or two places – but I did opt for a fairly decorative pair.

Image credit: Coco's Variety Store

As far as Brooks saddles go, I can’t say enough about mine. But here’s the short version; I forget I’m sitting on it. I know all of you who have suffered through an ordinary saddle will appreciate just what that means.

Evans Bay with Brooks

If you’re looking for a comfortable ride or want to ditch the backpack, I recommend checking these brands out.


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