The lights are on but no one is home!

besportier.comGutted! It seems our sunny morning training rides have once again become “break of dawn” outings. . . “wait for me summer, I’m not done with you yet!”

It’s time Wellingtonians. Get those lights charged up, double checked and ready to go if you are an early morning/late evening commuter. Better to have them “just in case” than not at all. Most importantly, don’t for forget to have a little fun . . .



4 thoughts on “The lights are on but no one is home!

  1. atom

    monkeylectrics make riding at night even MORE fun! i thought i was the only one in wellington with monkey-lights… who else has ’em? who’s up for a monkey-lectric-group-night-ride?


  2. Lisa

    Frocks did a lightshow performance just before Christmas, I’m sure some of them would have had monkey-lights. I can put out a call through the site, if you like. What night do you reckon? Some time when there’s lots of people but not too many cars?


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