Bike Wise Challenge 2011!

What are you doing right now? Whatever it is, stop. Wait, read this first. Then stop and get your office registered in this year’s Bike Wise Challenge. It started today and you have to sign up.  This is something that you should absolutely want to do, and since it’s already February 1, you’re a day behind.  So get cracking.

It doesn't matter what you ride! Just ride!

Here’s the deets: Bike Wise is New Zealand’s national cycling programme and it aims to promote cycling as a fun, healthy and sustainable way to get about the town.  It packs a whole lot of its public events into the month of February, including the Mayoral Challenge and Go by Bike Day.  The Bike Wise Challenge is yet another of its efforts to get folks rolling.  Did I mention that it starts today?  All you have to do is snag a bunch of your coworkers and convince them that they’ll enjoy hopping on a bike for at least a 10 minute or 2 kilometer ride during the month of February.  Once you get registered, you’ll want to snag more coworkers into your scheme as you win prizes based on the highest percentage of staff cycling, not the number of kms you ride or the time you spend in the saddle.

As you’re reading Cycling Wellington, I’m sure you’re already keen for as many summer rides as you can squeeze into the next couple months.  But, you probably work with some folks who haven’t been on a bike in years.  Or, maybe they’re considering a last ditch resuscitation of their forsaken new year’s resolution now that they’ve squandered a good 1/12 of the year.  Or, maybe you work with a bunch of gunners who ride to work every day and they’re all looking for a pat on the shoulder.  Whatever your situation, you should register for the Bike Wise Challenge now.  Why not?  I mentioned prizes, right?

Get riding!  And remember, Go by Bike Day in Wellington is Wednesday, 16 February.  Spread the word.


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