High heels; so much easier by bike

I have a confession. I love high heels. I just can’t walk in them for very long. But I can’t stop buying them either. A recent injury to my left foot had left me almost completely confined to flatties.

Fortunately there is a solution to my predicament. Yup, you’ve got it… my bicycle. As I’ve mentioned in a previous posting, my preferred mode of transport for nights out is bike. With my door to door transport, it seems I can pedal in anything. All I have to do is teeter from the bike stand to the bar in my twinkletoes. My high heels are getting a new lease of life.

So here’s a selection of my favourite cycling shoes:


Formerly my disco shoes, now with a new lease of life as cycling shoes. I particularly love the Suffragette colours of purple and green.



Not too bad to walk in either.



I made a memorable impression cycling to a date in these.



3 thoughts on “High heels; so much easier by bike

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