Curbing cars… how about a bike lane?

Hmm, I just read this frustratingly brief article on the Stuff site about the Mayor’s plans to reduce or eliminate cars on Courtney Place.  Not even a mention of a possible bike lane?

I’m sure not a fan of these bus heavy routes that charge through the center of town, especially when they tear up former pedestrian malls.  But on Courtney Place, it seems like any consideration of traffic reduction might include a couple of protected bike lanes along with a little shout out to the merchants that cyclists and pedestrians are pretty decent potential merchants too. In fact, you can fit a whole lot more foot and bicycle traffic into small spaces than car traffic. And it’s so much nicer to get off my bike for a gelato on Courtney Place than to double the cost of my ice cream trip by parking somewhere near the gelato shop.  I’m just sayin’: I see some bike lane potential.

And a light rail, but I suppose that’s another topic for another site, right?


4 thoughts on “Curbing cars… how about a bike lane?

  1. Megan,
    When you say “And a light rail, but I suppose that’s another topic for another site, right?”

    Actually no I think a blog about improving cycling can talk about improving the whole of the environment we cycle in, and that includes the provision of other traffic on the roads. If you’ve got ideas, type them up. We’ll only get what we ask for, and only then if we shout loud enough.

    The whole Golden Mile would benefit from bike lanes, and tram traffic only, with all the buses, taxis and especially cars banished from the roadway.


  2. Megan

    Will do, Matt! And, frankly, I’m always up for a good project. Painting a bike lane right through town a la the kids in Guadalajara sounds pretty fun to me.


  3. Malcolm

    A cycle lane threading through the CBD would be great!
    Or better yet, cycle lanes painted along the waterfront to reduce the dreaded cyclist/pedestrian collision.


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