Why I bike my night out

When I started my cycling in Wellington 18 months ago I was driven by a desire to use my car less, and get a little bit fitter. I now live a car free life and am generally fitter, but it’s not the fitness that keeps me riding…. it’s the convenience.

Image credit: Copenhagen Cycle Chic

My bicycle takes me everywhere, and biking to a night out is pretty convenient. Bar, restaurant, cinema or friends house; I can get right to the door under my own steam in around 15 minutes. And then home again just as easily. I don’t mind the bus; it has its uses. It’s just that my journey time is doubled.  I reckon I go out much more often by bike, because it’s just so easy.

I feel quite safe riding home after one or two drinks. More than that and I’ll leave the bike at home. Or in town. A few months ago I sampled a beer or two many at the Beervana festival in the Town Hall, and had to abandon my trusty steed chained to a rail outside the Michael Fowler Centre overnight. She was perfectly safe, and even our two Beervana beer glasses were still sitting in the handlebar basket, when picked up the next day.

The bike home is the best way to finish up a night out. Last night, fuelled by a glass or two of wine (me), a beer or two (him) and a belly full of pizza (both), my other half and his old mountain bike raced my Brompton and I up Adelaide Road. The Brompton and I put on a fair turn of speed with those little wheels, and we gave them a run for their money. The pedal home had us giggling, a little bit sweaty and happy in a way buses and taxi journeys just don’t.


One thought on “Why I bike my night out

  1. I love your Brompton story. Racing like you were kids again, I could just picture it!

    Riding my bike home from work late at night is a great way to end the day. I really look forward to that ride.


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