Street Skills with Frocks on Bikes

Collage credit: Judith Avril Wilson

Ready to upgrade your road skills? Frocks on Bikes are running TWO more superb Street Skills workshops in January.

For $30 and 3 hours of your time, our expert skills trainers teach you all the skills you need to make the urban jungle your natural habitat.

Places are strictly limited – small class sizes mean more trainer attention for you.

Two easy steps: email + cost deposited = your place reserved!

Saturday 15th January (rain day Sunday 16th). Email to book a spot & get deposit details (remember to say “15th”!)

Saturday 29th January (rain day Sunday 30th). Email to book a spot & get deposit details (remember to say “29th”!

Locations will be confirmed with bookings according to where suits most people.


What are Street Skills Workshops?

Frocks On Bikes runs special tailor-made Street Skills workshops just for Wellington’s Frockers (and a couple of dapper gents).

We engage expert cycle skills trainers – such as  Marilyn Northcotte and Pete Reynolds and they tailor their customary full-day workshops to a special Frocker-specific session.

In a few sunlit hours, our experts take Wellington Frockers through everything from those helpful basics (that no-one ever tells you) to emergency stopping, handling tricky corners and what to do when things get rough.

We start with a good run-down on road code and rights, including minor details like wearing helmets so they protect your head, using brakes, and the useful reminder that we on bikes are vehicles!

All tee’d up and ready to mount, we hit the tarmac for two parallel courses in bike-handling.

Frockers go through a tricky cornering session – a 101 in bike physics – a micro-version of the teaching for professional mountain bikers. There are wobbles galore, peals of laughter, a few curses and -once – a little spill, handled with aplomb by the fabulous Frocker who adjusted her sunglasses and remounted in a heartbeat.

Armed with a whole new way to use our hips – and the new mantra – you’ll soon see Frockers carving confidently through even Wellington’s most difficult corners. (Featherston St heading into Hunter St by the ANZ at 5pm? Piece of cake!)

After it is all over, we repair to local cafes for a well-earned lunch – and some Frockers even eschew their planned lifts home and choose to cycle! Bravo!

As time goes on, Wellingtonians will be privileged to see fabulous women more confident on their bikes – having more fun riding in the city!


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