“It’s less about roads, but it’s all about attitudes.”

That’s a quote from Inspector John Walker in today’s Stuff, in an article titled ‘Capital cyclists most at risk‘. He also said there’s no such thing as accidents on the roads because crashes have causes. Indeed. Something in that for everyone, methinks.

Most heartening to see Fran Wilde advocating investment in cycling infrastructure in the same article. It’s not often I find myself agreeing with Michael Laws, but his question about why the national cycling infrastructure investment is all out in the wops instead of in the cities where the people on bikes actually are is a good one. Up north, Barbara Cuthbert has noted that although 18% of trips are walked or cycled, only 1% of the national transport budget is allocated to them.

It seems to me that the importance of a cyclist being visible very much includes being visible to the budget-makers. Lets get on with it, people.


One thought on ““It’s less about roads, but it’s all about attitudes.”

  1. Alastair

    In case the tone of the news report puts you off cycling (though I’m sure it would be hard to discourage readers of this blog!) it’s worth having a look at the report itself, available at http://www.gw.govt.nz/region-s-road-safety-record-improving-but-could-do-better/

    “In the Wellington region, cycling is ‘less safe’ than other modes of transport (no data available for motorcycling) but cycling in itself is not ‘unsafe’. There is only one chance per 13,150 hours cycled or one chance per 150,000 kilometres travelled of experiencing a casualty.”

    The comparison between the risk of cycling in Wellington, and the overall NZ risk may not be very meaningful – bicycling (and walking, driving etc) in a city will have a greater degree of risk than in rural areas and smaller towns.

    But Lisa is right – plenty of ammunition here to press for more investment in cycling.


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